How to add new kiting spots

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    We are shocked at how many of Windy users started to use our database of kiting spots (and how many contacted us to add/edit some spot info).

    That's why I decided to create a system for adding/editing spot info. This system should be finished by the end of 2017.

    Kiting is not a very safe sport – so let's share all info and water dangers and be safe.



  • I would like add a spot in "El Port de la Selva". It is near to Girona, Catalonia.
    It is a easy spot with a unconstant wind but with a love views.
    The bay is closing and you can sail without problems to far inside of the sea.
    There is a school of sail. You can rent material to sail and take lessons too. The name of school is Adosveles.

    I hope that this spot will like you!!!!


  • Kiter

    Hello! I want to add a new kitesurf spot, how do I do it?

  • Nice to hear about this project!
    There are already lots of spots on your map, where are those from, is there any info to those spots, or just the name and place, and how to find those infos?

    Keep rocking

  • Looking forward to this system improvement once it's ready! I think kitesurfing is much less dangerous than hang gliding and paragliding - which is also a popular use for this site.

  • Checking in on the status of the project... while we wait is there a way to send you new spots to add? I am looking to add a paragliding spot...

    All the details are here:

    thank you! Love the app... use it regularly for alerts etc.

  • What is the status of this project ? I still don’t know how to add a spot ...


  • I would like to add a kite spot also. Please let us know how.

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