How to add new kiting spots

  • We are shocked how many of Windy users started to use our database of kiting spots (and how much contacted us to add/edit some spot info)

    Therefore I have decided to create system for adding/editing spot info. This system should be finished by the end of 2017

    Kiting is not very safe sport so let's share all info and water dangers and be safe.



  • I would like add a spot in "El Port de la Selva". It is near to Girona, Catalonia.
    It is a easy spot with a unconstant wind but with a love views.
    The bay is closing and you can sail without problems to far inside of the sea.
    There is a school of sail. You can rent material to sail and take lessons too. The name of school is Adosveles.

    I hope that this spot will like you!!!!


  • Kiter

    Hello! I want to add a new kitesurf spot, how do I do it?

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