Windyty will use new name: Windy

  • When I have created my project in 2014 I was looking for nice and short windy name and free .com domain. I ended up with name Windyty which is perfectly easy to pronounce in Czech and German language (most of my friends are Czechs, Swiss and Italians).

    Unfortunately english speaking nations struggled to pronounce and remember Windyty. Therefore I have decided to rename Windyty to Windytv. This was biggest mistake in our short history and majority of our users still use the name Windyty making it one big mess.

    And since I have always wanted that Windyty will be fast and simple I have decided to shorten our name to Windy.

    So from now on, we are Windy and we will use as our domain name.

    All your links and bookmarks will continue to work forever. No action from your side is required.

    Enjoy new name and shorter domain

    Ivo & Windy team


  • Well done Guys - a fantastic and World breaking service.

  • @ivo ahh but is that pronounceable in Czech ?

  • @ivo самый лучший сайт

  • Nice!!
    I like this new name
    This website is great!!
    Thanks for exist guys!

  • nice job,keep up the good work!!!
    Thanks !!

  • Great! The name is great! The website is so useful! Thanks for fabulous job!

  • Hi all,
    I have just registered to show my appreciation for this great weather program that I have been using for about 9 months now.
    I fully support the change/simplification of the new name. I did find the Change from Windyty to Windytv confusing, but now I've registered and seen the history, I'm pleased to join this forum.
    I use WINDY, as my hobby is RC thermal soaring and fly RC gliders up to nearly 4Meters span competitively and for sport, so I am always interested in weather conditions especially wind speeds. I live in Scotland, so the weather is often unsuitable for our sport, and Windy is a great tool to search for good flying times.
    Thanks for all the effort into it's development and maintenance I am in awe of the talents of it's developers.

  • Thanks for all members of Windyty sorry windy.
    Africa Mozambique

  • Nice job
    keep up the good work
    The website is so useful

  • Well a truly great site for us meer mortals thanks for your great work, enjoy a little more of life ever day!

  • Kia Ora lads.
    I don't know how you do it but your weather predictions are usually more accurate than the local met services.
    I'm a sailor and find your service invaluable and by far the best on mobile.
    Frank dB
    New Zealand

  • Congrats, the names the game, fantastic service for UK sailors and the like. Thank you do much. Grahame

  • Hope you would put back the historical data feature for at least 2 years. It is a good reference for recalling and looking back of previous events.
    Thanks and regards to a wonderful team.

  • Felicidades por su nuevo nombre...desde México

  • Windy is good

  • Great Job !!!! CoR Team

  • @ivo it egts better? No Way! :)

  • Thank you for a fantastic service. Much appreciated by many cruising sailors.
    But why are you all playing Solitaire?

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