• Greetings from Thailand, where 34c and high humidity hits me like a wall. Of course I cannot see humidity at or android app! Would you consider adding humidity to the detail forecasts or whereever you think is logically best! Cheers, thanks for you wonderful work :)

  • @wzb88wzb Same here in the Philippines, it's too hot now, I badly need humidity in the detail forecast.

  • Administrator

    Good point

  • Meteorologist | Premium

    I also support the request for Rel Hum to be displayed at a weather parameter within the Meteogram display. From an aviator perspective, having the surface RH listed (or VIS) in the Meteogram display would enhance the prediction of low Stratus and FOG/Mist situations.

    Thanks for your work on this App/Webpage - from a professional meteorologists view, the work you have done with this project is "top shelf". Greatly appreciated.

  • Meteorologist | Premium

    Hi Windy team,

    I took a look (out of curiosity) into the available fields from the ECMWF forecast time-series set and noticed that Rel Hum is not available. Therefore, could I put in an alternative request for 2m Td (if this is available) be included in the Time Series display.


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