Help us to develop new feature: Windy Alerts

  • When I was developing Windy in 2016 I have missed several BIG days, just because I had no time to check forecast at my favorite spots every day.

    But why should I check forecast? Let the computer do it for me.

    And therefore I have decided to create Windy Alerts.

    Right now I need you to help us in development process. I need you to set up as much reasonable alerts as you wish, so I will have a full database. Then I can develop and test server part for triggering and sending the alerts via email.

    Creating alert is super easy. Just go to ant set-up your alerts. This part is already finished. WARNING: This development version does not work on mobile phones yet, just on a desktop!!!!


    When I will see a lot of your Alerts in database, I will start to develop server part so in June/July 2017 you should receive first Alerts in your email

    All the alerts will be sent via email, which is most common communication tool, and I want to attach picture of forecast to it. Sorry no push notifications.

    Any suggestions and bugs related to Windy Alerts please into this thread

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    @ivo Very useful feature. Below are some of my suggestions:
    Better if you add precipitation (generic term for rain, snow, sleet,..) and humidity into the Windy Alerts.

    Adding the Windy Alerts within the program would be better too.

    Is it possible to add scales to each category (e.g. Rain: green, orange, red,..) above the number line?

  • @ivo thank you for this
    can this windy alerts show Myanmar (Burma)?
    by the way
    hail alerts?

  • Plse take note that this app aids a lot of pilots of small general aviation aircraft and recreational flights.
    Please entertain a section or choice of mode.

  • Hello,

    Alerts would be very useful. For paraglider pilots, the temperature gradient (sounding) is crucial, apart from the obvious no-rain, not-very-strong-wind, sunshine. Or at least the estimated altitude of the cloudbase.

  • Add relative humidity. There would be a lot of use in the wildland fire community if we can put in and track Temp, RH, windspeed.

  • Kiter


    Very good new feature!!
    I have a suggestion to make Windy one of the most accurate and awesome weather forecast website :)

    I am kitesurfer and from my experience, the most accurate way to know if the condition are good in a spot is often to know how many people are riding.

    I don't know if it is technically possible but it would be awesome if we could receive an alert when there is 5 or more people in our spot.

    I know that you have geolocation feature as we can see the forecast at our position. Do you think it could be possible to use position of Windy's users and receive notification when 5 and more Windy's users are on the same spot?

  • I drive boats and yachts up and down the West Coast of North America, near coastal. I stay just outside the zone where swells develop due to ground effect and inside the zone where winds lift due to the developed high pressure in front of the predominant coastal range of hills and mountains. Safe harbors are few, esp. for larger yachts. They tend to travel slow, esp. uphill but within 5mi of shore there is surprisingly good 4G coverage with major carriers most of the way.

    I like the DISTANCE & PLANNING TOOL. Here are my ideas to take that to the next level:

    1. Pick a start time on the timeline to begin at route waypoint #1.
    2. Provide a speed input, I prefer Nautical Miles per Hour but this could be used for overland travel, if I was a long haul trucker route to avoid ice, etc.
    3. Provide for the selection of values of Wind, Waves, Wind Waves, Swell, etc.
    4. Across the bottom or incorporated into the existing timeline graphic include a graph of one, two or possibly three of these variables based on the projected position along the route determined by the selected speed. Rev. 2: provide the ability to assign dif. speeds for each leg. OpenCPN doesn't even do that.

    I am concerned with 1. Wave Height, Swell Height/short period, WIND, Wind Wave Height and conditions where wave height in feet is approaching the same absolute value as period in seconds, 9ft@9sec is fairly lumpy, 14ft@7sec is just plain nasty even in a yacht of 50tons.

  • Great feature :)

    If i press a kitesurf spot (not a generic point in the map) i cannot create a alert!

  • @ivo Big idea ! This would be definitely a very useful feature. Here are a few suggestions :

    • possibility to add or link alerts to favourite spots;
    • possibility to setup multiple alerts for a same spot;
    • choice to send alert messages inside the app (registered user) and/or by email (for multiple recipients, group of friends, sport clubs, ...);
    • get visual alerts (with colours for example) on the spotted places.

    Thanks to all the Windy team for your great job so far.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • I would like to have precipipation, or better: no precipitation as part of the alert.

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    (0_1494996370145_image.png image url)

    After deleting a spot activated with Windy Alerts, there was an error message When I press 'delete alert'.

  • As a paraglider pilot alerts would give me a heads up to check into things further, plan a day off etc however I can't see how to say - dry days only. I never plan on flying in the rain!

  • @Siony-Mario yep full of bugs still

  • Ivo - thanks. Saw that Alerts Option the other day and set one up. Just went into the alert option again hoping to set a SECOND wind alert but it looks like it overrode the first one.

    3 Questions:

    #1 - HOW CAN I/we SET UP MULTIPLE wind Alerts. We have 3 directions we keep an eye on and each has different issues. So - I'd like to know what to anticipate for each of them.

    SE means driving rain or icy slush. NE means cross winds on the runway so canceled flights. SW to WESTERLY is the most scary... because it can slam in as the tail end of Asian Typhoons. WE KNOW THOSE are coming our way because it takes days to get here - BUT it is the smaller MORE LOCALIZED Westerlies that I'd like to know about SOONER - IF possible.

    I was lucky enough to learn how to read the weather from the old people... so... I can pretty much tell when a SE is coming in (my bones tell me) AND and I can pretty much tell how long the SE will last by how fast it arrives. If it takes a while to arrive, it will stay longer and drop more rain or snow. N seem to be our new normal and I can tell by what the clouds look like pretty much what to expect - the lumpy seas tell me too.

    Westerlies are interesting - we can tell by the astonishing lenticulars off the Volcano steam AND because the Eagles and Ravens get into fights and territorial conflicts...

    BUT seeing all this does not indicate projected wind speed so I go online to and check.

    #2 - in the menu on the right IS THERE AN ALERTS list so I can see them or is it only in the Alerts Option part?

    #3 - How up to date, how timely is the info online? Sometimes it almost looks-feels 'live' but there has to be some sort of time lag.

    AND - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - correct the time zone for us. This is the largest fishing port in the US and we all need to have accurate time info. THAT IS THE # 1 ISSUE WE HAVE WITH

  • Well I have checked timezone several times. Is it unalaska?

  • @AbiAbi Can you please describe the steps you do prior of getting bad timezone?

  • @ivo, I wish one could set up an alert not for just ground winds but for winds aloft also. Typically, in skydiving and other airsports we are interested in winds below 5000m. Do you think this can be incorporated into the alert feature?

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