How to use forecast table/meteogram/airgam on your own website

  • Administrator

    We will be more than happy if you decide to use our forecast widget on your own website. You can use to make an iframe of you can create your own URL.

    Format of url is:

    Please note, that Windy logo MUST BE VISIBLE and CLICKABLE

  • Meteorologist

    Hi Ivo,

    does the URL address above have a version which utilises the aviation airport IATA or ICAO designators instead of Lat/Lon? And does the same permission apply to using the meteogram images for internal (commercial) webpage use?


  • Hello Ivo, Stitch,
    I just tried to use the parameter "display=meteogram", but i can't still get the meteogram displayed, instead of the basic display .
    How can we get the meteogram in an iframe ?
    thanks a lot

  • Hi ,
    I would like to implement the wireframe with the meteogram... but when i set the paramater display=meteogram, i still have the basic display ... how can I display the meteogram in the wireframe ?
    Thanks for the feedback

  • I can confirm that this is broken.

    the display and model attributes no longer work.

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