Clearly visible date and time somewhere?

  • Hey, I feel that it's hard to look back and forth to the map and the timeline to see what time/date I am looking at. Would it be possible to place half-transparent time (and date a bit less obstrucing) somewhere very visibly? In big font, but transparent and disappearing on hover (to see the map behind) I think would be great. Someplace right top corner maybe?

    Let me know what you guys think!

  • Administrator

    Can you make some picture

  • Actually, a 12 hour clock would be even better since it wouldn't require to pay much consicous attention. Somewhere above map selection and bellow settings community buttons there in between. What do you think?

    This one would be hard to implement, but for the future It could also contain aproximate sunrise and sunset marked by darkening and lightening of clock circle. And another idea would be to show sunrise and sunset as light on earth ( as it appears from the space).

  • What I'm troubled currently is the thing that a 24 hours is marked by one unit on the timeline, somehow hard to guess what time of the day it is without mistakening by some 6hours. However, adding more marks wouldn't really solve the problem since we are not used to 24hours being displayed in a straight line..

    If it was me, I would take away time-guessing on the timeline whatsoever, I would just leave days and date there while moving the time to a new 12hour clock with creative way to mark while part of 24hours it is showing.

  • One good use for that would be a temperature outlook, because now I could use the arrow keys to view temperature on different days but on the same selected time. Whereas currently it's more useful if you want to see temperature in upcoming hours, not days. That's because it's hard to see the big picture because of temperature varying too much..

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