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  • Pilot

    Completed my first ever app, powered by Windy, you can find it on the app store "SJ Wx" (sorry android users), if there are any features you'd like to utilize that you havn't figured out in regards to the API, let me know and I can post how it's done

  • @vapor Hi! I've just installed your app. Very nice! It looks like there is added visualization of airspace. What is the main purpose of this app? I assume that it is for flight planning in your location.

  • Looks nice. Do you use it for CPMs? Will follow an android version?

  • @vapor
    Looks nice. Do you use it for CPMs? Will follow an android version?

  • Pilot

    @TZ yes, flight planning, I fly in a fighter squadron and I use it every night prior to a flight to figure out where we'll be going and what we're going to do there. There are a lot of weather-related training rules that affect us, and its so much easier to come up with a good gameplan when you have all the weather variables, divert field info, and the airspace all in one place. the other dudes in my squadron use it too

  • Pilot

    @meteo-GR unfortunately no android version will probably ever be made. I made it in Xcode with about half swift and half javascript code, and i don't think i'm smart enough nor would i commit the time to convert it. I made this before i knew what Ionic was.

  • Pilot

    @meteo-GR and unfortunately i'm not familiar with the acronym cpm

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