Why is Windyty so inaccurate?

  • Here in Fiji we are on cyclone warning regarding Category 2 cyclone Ella. Yet when I am looking at WindyTy there is no low, no cyclone, and pressure is stating 1012? Just curious if you guys want to maintain a certain standard you need to be far more accurate. Or you claiming the rest of the meteorological community is wrong and there is no cyclone?

    ![alt text](![0_1494530316974_upload-c6c4f85a-7e0d-457e-aca4-b90231adf0f7](Uploading 100%) image url)

    ![alt text](![0_1494530389331_upload-b54ad88d-0a62-4fdd-bc38-5cba4ff80d41](Uploading 100%) image url)

  • Cyclone is there. Just switch to GFS model

  • Thanks. I did that and again reporting a pressure of 1008 when it is 987. This is a big issue because so many, even here in Fiji, rely on Windy for it's current weather situation and predictions. When someone looks at Windy and there is no red indicating a cyclone, they carry on as if there is no danger, although Fiji MET has issued Cyclone Alerts. People here have told me - No there is NO cyclone. Very dangerous, specially for an app that claims to use more accurate data, and then you suggest I should switch to the less accurate data to view the cyclone. Just my input. I have been an supporter of Windyty for a long time and this is really disappointing.

  • @epicchow3636 Well will take care of that in some next developement update

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