Charting and AIS overlay/option ?

  • Sailor

    Hi guys, Amazing work and app you have here. I work boats off Southern California in LA/LB area and love this app! Have you thought about adding an AIS overlay or option so that vessels with AIS can be seen on the map? Would be so nice to not have to keep switching between apps. Also, how about adding Nautical charts as well? I mean hey .... you guys are already waaaay over top insane with this thing ..... whats a little more eh? lol .. thanks for the consideration ~ bc

  • I agree with these suggestions. Also, buoy markers or the ability to add personal markers would be great for a number of reasons.
    Also, I used to pull up wind data from a couple of days in the past but now it seems that that feature has been disabled and I can no longer see past wind results

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