Do you miss historical data on Windy? Here's what to do (edited 07/2017)

  • Edited 07/2017

    After a lot of thoughts I have decided (as a founder and main developer), that we will postpone historical data feature until Windy will find (and develop) sustainable business model.

    This can be in any range from 2018 - ...

    Stay tuned. We have millions of users, we PAY for some weather data and someone have to pay the bill.


    Some of Windy users were pretty disappointed when we took the weather archive down. Currently we are looking for a solution to bring the historical data back to Windy. To move this project on, we'd like to know how big is the demand for the archive (don't afraid, it won't be a paid feature). If you miss it, please join this Facebook group and invite your friends who you think would be interested. Not on Facebook? Leave the comment bellow, that we know you're interested.

    Looking forward to your feedback.

    Thank you!

  • Hi Pavel

    As a sailor I used the historical data and would love to see this return. As others have mentioned it is a very useful trip planner tool. I would be happy to pay a reasonable fee for this service.

  • Hi @caver, we have to make sure there's enough demand for the feature. Please join the Facebook group and invite your friends. So far, the group has only 42 members including two Windy employees...

  • @Pavel-Neuman
    Historical data highly intrested

  • @Pavel-Neuman
    +1 for bringing historical data back

  • Yes. Really liked the historical data!.. Please bring it back :)

  • said in Do you miss historical data on Windy? Here's what to do:

    ? Leave the comment bellow, that we know you're interested.
    Looking forward to your feedback.

    Highly appreciate if you can bring back historical data.

  • @giganticvis It still depends on the demand, as I wrote about it on our blog:

  • As the skipper of two vessels i regularly use the historical data to assess new anchorages when out at the reef. Please bring it back. Improve the wave data to include the shape of the reef.

  • Bring historical data back. The format worked well.

  • Yes, historical data is useful. I use it for route planning at sea. I do not facebook so please don't ask me to join a facebook group. Just telling you I find the historical data useful. Thank you.

  • We are interested!

  • I would love to have the historical data back on Windyty.
    It would make Windyty the only weather site I visit.

  • 680 views and only 13 replies?! Come on guys. Say something. Vote with your keyboard. I say yes please, historical data is vital in determining faults, trends and expectations in any analysis.

  • I'm new to this app but I'd love this ability

  • Windy[ty] is an absolute gamechanger. Have been using since first launched, and its just keeps getting better [living in equatorial lats once youve used Windyty with ECMWF data theres no going back!] thanks so much Ivo, Pavel and team!!!
    Living with the ocean in remote SW Pacific where observed data is nonexistent or highly unreliable, hindcasting is critical to understanding how weather systems impact local conditions. Being able to step back even a few days [prior to current time] on the timeline provides the granularity that all archive subscription services over the years have failed to, being able to pull up previous seasons wind and waves at that granularity….total game changer!
    For planning oceanographic charters months ahead, being able to access historical data in Windy's UI adds hugely useful context in predicting trough, ridge, and frontal trends, even rainfall anomalies, which are notoriously difficult to fcst here in the SPCZ. Damn handy for planning those all-too-rare kiting and surfing strike missions around Sols too ;)

  • Please provide archives

  • indeed, we need historical data back pls!

  • I used archive A LOT. Pls get it back - it's a great deal for lots of us.

  • Please provide archives. If you still have an issue with storage space, maybe users can save the periods they are interested on their local machines or on the cloud drives?

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