Do you miss historical data on Windy? Here's what to do (edited 07/2017)

  • Please provide archives. If you still have an issue with storage space, maybe users can save the periods they are interested on their local machines or on the cloud drives?

  • Yes, please bring back the archives ! It's very helpful in so many cases !
    Thank you :)

  • +1 on archive data, I probably use it more than forecast data.

  • Windsurfer

    Possibly a stupid question - Is it an archive of the forecast or archive of actual wind that occured? If the latter, the usefulness of this feature would be tied to how often the data is collected and could make a big difference in the storage capacity required. In short, i would like to have access to historical wind data. Just found Best layout i have seen yet. Thanks.

  • Hi, i am a sailor too and would love to have the archive back. Thanks

  • +1, as Pavel said don't forget to "join this Facebook group ; [] ,invite your friends who you think would be interested." and share!

  • Please restore historical data on Windy. As a surfer, and one who lives on the beach, tracking the seasons is essential. Historical data helps lots. Best,

  • Administrator

    After a lot of thoughts I have decided (as a founder and main developer), that we will postpone historical data feature until Windy will find (and develop) sustainable business model.
    This can be in any range from 2018 - ...
    Stay tuned. We have millions of users, we PAY for some weather data and someone have to pay the bill.

  • yes please bring back Historic. If there is a cost to you then work up a model to make some money - but I guess you need to know how to cost based on how many potential users. You will bring ALOT of interest to your site if you gave a free trial for historic for say a week, and I am sure the genuine users of this data will not be able to stand not having it after seeing it again and would buy it.

    There will be significant commercial interest - but please don't forget the normal people also :)

  • @Pavel-Neuman the "historical data" is past live data or past forecast data?

  • Administrator

    @岩鸣杨子 Both forecast and analysis (measurements) are intersting. We used to have historical GFS forecasts on Windy. If we add historical data in future, we will probably focus on analysis files (and not only GFS).

  • Sailor

    As a sailor, I would like to get historical data back since it's useful to plan ahead. I really love this app, right now it's the best, keep up the good work.

  • as kitesurfer - i used the historical data to plan my surfing-trips worldwide. To see what have been dominant winds during a specific time of year on a spot.
    i wouldn't mind paying for the feature.

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