alerts with cloud base?

  • Hello, Is there any chance to add the cloud base to the "temperature, weather" filter on the new alerts? I do aerial photography and i'd like an alert whenever there's no clouds below, say, 8000' ("for at least 5 hours", would be a nice additional filter) with winds less than 35 kts. It seems that everything is there to be able to do that :)

    Best Regards. Don Marsh. The KeyW Corporation. North Andover, Mass. USA

  • Pilot

    @RastaDonn Hi, thank you for suggestion! We will consider this in future Alerts release. But please keep in mind, that forecasting of clouds is tricky. There are some phenomena that are not forecasted by the models, especially small scale clouds (orographic clouds, convective clouds, fog) and in such cases the alert based on cloudsbase parameter will fail.

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