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    Hey there!

    First congratulations on Windy, you're building an amazing product!!!

    I was wondering if it's possible to access the underlying data you're using via your API. I'm really interested in the ECMWF 9Km resolution model, specially for wind and wave data. I already have access to GRIB2 files from NOAA WWIII model, thing is, I don't have the time to build a decent parser of those files, in the sense...give me forecast +5 days for {x, y} lat, lng

    This is just part of a much bigger app we're building, but meteo data is important. So I was wondering if we could use your data via API, I don't mind referencing WindyTv with a logo or whatever is necessary in our app. We could even find some kind of agreeement if you want.


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    Hi! Unfortunatelly it is not possible. We do not provide data.
    But if you want original ECMWF data, you can buy it directly from ECMWF.

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    Okie, thanks!

  • Hi,

    How to get API key?

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