My comments/complains to Windy Alerts

  • Hi,
    Windy Alerts could be nice feature, but it needs improvements and debuging - I would like to be informed about high temperature during daylight (lets say above 25 C deg) and night (above 18 C deg) and strong wind (above 25 kt). Unfortunately I can't create 3 alerts for one location so I created an alert to 3 locations located close each other. But it seems doesn't remember alert settings and insist to use default values: e.g. 10 - 23 kt for wind and 10 - 35 C deg for temparture. Disabling alerts is tricky too - on my mobile I disabled all my alerts but when I check it again after a while all alerts were still enabled. I killed mobile app and started it again and it helps - app reported that alerts were disabled.
    Another problem is that when I rename my alert for my favourite location, name of the location changed too - it isn't good idea.
    In short words:

    • setting parameters for alerts does not work (tested on Win10 + Firefox 45.9 ESR and Android 6 + mobile app ver. 10.65)
    • it will be usefull to have posibility to create many alerts for one location
    • name of alerts should be independent form name of location

  • @ld.windyty @ivo it happens the same thing to me.

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