Missing overlays under zoom level

  • Hi,

    why under certain level of zoom the overlay disappears and the map style changes?

    It's possible to change this behaviour?


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    @andreadarke You can change only the map - Mapy.cz or Satellite images from Here.com.

  • The question wasn’t really answered and I am frustrated by this same issue.
    iOS 11 Windy app and love it generally, just wondering why when you really zoom in close to the location. For me this is a bay area and so I am keen to see both wind and wave direction.
    You can generally get what you want from both wind and wave overlays up to a certain altitude. But as soon as you exceed this certain level and zoom even closer the wave and wind and anything else for that matter animation overlay disappears and it doesn’t recover even when you zoom out. Suggest you limit the zoom function to exactly the same altitude zoom where the overlay data accuracy cuts out.
    Great app. Thanks.

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    @walkadwill Hi, you can see coloured weather overlay up to zoom 11. From zoom 12 you will see detailed map including forests, roads, buildings or photo map (depends on your settings). Displaying color overlay over coloured map is mess.
    Well, on the other side, maybe we can test it again and for example try to adjust opacity or something like that. Thank you for suggestion ;-)

  • @TZ I can’t zoom at all with ios13 now, very disappointing

  • Administrator

    @chuckthee Hi, thank you for your report. Unfortunately you are not the only one. When we tested it on iOS 13 it worked. Could you please tell us more details? E.g. version of your iPhone?
    There is separate topic on this in our forum: https://community.windy.com/topic/9657/zoom-ios-13
    We are investigating on this, to find the solution as quickly as possible. Also Apple is planning to release iOS 13.1 tomorrow, so there are obviously more bugs than zooming in Windy :-(

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