• Why I like Windy.com:

    1. Only site without paid content
    2. Stands out for its accuracy
    3. Weather forecast is just 😍😀
    4. chance to change the colors scale
    5. Has a community with the admin, developers,...
    6. Clean and user-friendly interface

    What I want for Windy.com in the future:

    1. Graphical interface for the weather parameters (check WeatherBomb)
    2. Light map for a new look
    3. Ability to save multiple palettes for a layer
    4. Ability to alphabetize/ rearrange layers
    5. Ability to combine layers (see MeteoEarth)
  • Administrator

    Hi, thank you for the detailed feedback! We take it seriously.
    All your demands are about customization. It is a little bit against our philosophy.
    We are not trying to make things custombizable and editable, but we are trying to find a way of weather presentation,
    which is the best one.
    Well, some features like physical units must be editable, but it is not desirable for the whole interface.

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