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  • Hi, my name is Ivo, and I love the wind!

    I am an addicted kiter, helicopter and jet pilot, who seeks the wind, waves, METARs and powder snow almost constantly. Since programming is my passion I coded Windyty.com in 2014 as my pet project, using open source codes of Cameron Becarrio. My goal is to keep Windyty small and fast, rather than to destroy it by adding new features, and making is slow and big.

    In November 2015 Windytv team grew to few more programmers: Milan and Tomas. We use GFS and NEMS as main forecast models.

    In 2016 we have launched Android and iOS mobile Apps and we have renamed Windyty to Windytv. We have also added ECMWF model to our current set.

    In 2017 our team grew to 7 people and we have changed the name to Windy with nice and short address www.windy.com

    Our goal is to provide best weather forecasting service.

  • This is my favorite wind app! And with street names, typography, etc there's no need to go anywhere else. Thank you so much for making this. And yes, please don't add features we don't need that will only slow it down.
    But I have one request: it would be nice to have buttons on the page to go directly to the various altitudes, rather than constantly having to scroll through the menu over and over again. Gets tiring and annoying. Fast data acquisition is the name of the game here, and it would be nice to quickly see how the wind is at various altitudes before I fly out.

    Thank you :)!!

  • good point

  • Great program and beautiful to look at.
    We live and fly in Canada and Brazil in the winter.
    Also run paragliding trips to other locations on the planet. (That have wind)
    Best regards

  • Great wind application - Thank You!

  • Thanks for this great wind application. I live in Iceland in middle of the Atlantic Ocean. We sure have to look at weather reports here ;) Thanks again Ivo.

    Best regards,


  • Thanks for this website. I live in the caribbean where for half the year (during the hurricane season) we need to know everything about the weather, wind patterns especially.

    Great stuff!!!

  • Thank you Ivo, for creating the most useful ( for us) weather site on the web. We are ocean sailors, currently cruising in Mexico and the tropical Pacific Basin and Windyty is for us the easiest, quickest weather forecasting tool. Its probably very difficult to do, but adding Lat and Long to the draggable location feature, plus the ability to connect these locations with a continuos line would be incredible.

  • Is there a Apple APP for Windyty ?
    It is the best for wind and waves .
    thank you Ivo !

  • What a great site, covers everything you need to know for surfing, snow skiing, flying, and fishing. One more great addition and the only addition you need is a link to tide charts.

  • Hey Ivo! I'm a passionate windsurfer and found your site a couple of weeks ago - I just wanted to say - great work! I absolutely love it! I keep checking my forecasts here, and I'm loosing a lot of time in my Job doing that now. ;) - I'm writing physics simulations code for work and I'm completely wind crazy - So, if you ever have an extension project going on, or something I can help with - I'd love to. Martin

  • @m_w_2_3 Thanks for offer. Unless you are form Czech and willing to work as a programmer, there is not too much of a help.

  • Thnx Ivo,
    for making this very clear & clean App ... for free.
    Very usefull for my work as an navigator/tactician on Sailing Yachts.
    Keep up your good work!
    Grtz Casparus

  • Thank you so much Ivo. As a passionated paragliding pilot I just LOVE windyty !
    Wind direction and strength including airgramm and predictions in different heights... WOW! Thats what I call my favourite as most complete and perfect site to plan my days!

  • @mf2711 Yes you mean sounding. We plan it in future.

  • This is such a helpful site for commercial salmon fishing in Southeast Alaska. I appreciate your efforts, Ivo - and I know of a lot of other vessel owners that use Windyty multiple times a day to determine their next area of operation. Thank you so much! Joe

  • Thank you Ivo and other programmers for providing such a useful and simple to use weather tool. As an avid fisherman and one who spends a great deal of time on the water cruising the east coast of Florida, Windyty is the best.

    Truly appreciate the time you've spent making this available.

  • Hi,

    Thank you Ivo and the other programmers for bringing us such a great program, I must admit I have never really thought about the wind all that much except when it blows cold during the winter or knocks over some pot plants, then my thoughts aren't very complimentary of nature:-)
    However, your program has given this old man a new interest, so for that, I again say Thank You, please keep up your great work.

  • My name is Gian Paolo, I live in Sardinya. I am a Paragliding and Plane Pilot. I everyday watch Windyty. Last week I used it for planning a long trip with my Plane for Italy and the forecast were perfect. Long life to Ivo and Windyty. Thankyou for your job.

  • I'm planning to sail the world and stumbled upon this side in a video from other people already doing so. Use it everyday for my family sail trips. Awesome.

    Thank you!

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