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  • I always use windy app for weather, because of easy to use and know me all about situation.

  • Since the beginning of the Internet there have been few things that have become really good. Wikipedia or Google Earth as an example.
    In my opinion, Windy is one of them.
    With the Rainradar this site is really complete.
    For commercial providers, Windy must be a nightmare.
    Sign up if you need support (money) to stand up against the commercial providers.
    A perfect weather page, free of charge and without advertising is good for the world.
    Congratulations and thank you from Germany

  • Administrator

    @snipersupersix Thank you!

  • @snipersupersix
    I agree!
    You say "With the Rainradar this site is really complete".
    Wait for the lightnings data and the site will be "super-complete"!

  • I need help about this apl, do you know some one from indonesia can share info with me, thanks,

  • Where can I report errors??
    I see no indication of weather changes on Windy with Tropical Storm Carlotta approaching. We use Windy for boating and this could have been a very dangerous situation! Fortunately the storm is reported on the news..


  • @jglick
    How do you specify the term "error" ?

    Windy is a site which visualizes the best global wx forecast models.
    Windy is not issuing warnings, this is a duty of national weather services.

    The wind speed and 24hrs accumulated rainfall (as shown on windy) are:


    For advisories and warnings I suggest you to consult National Hurricane Center
    not only reports on the news.

  • Sailor

    Totally agree !

  • @gkikas-lgpz
    Wow! That's right !
    So far, use "LightningMaps.org"
    I'm very curious how Windy implements the function.

    Best regards from Koblenz, Germany

  • Let me think on a business model for you. If you would like? I am retired programmer now sailing into tropics with vessels helping in distaser areas. I volunteer with a group called International Rescue Group, and help all the time with Seven Seas Cruising Association. we sail about 5-10k miles a year in our own vessel, this year was in East Caribbean helping.
    You have done an amazing job with your apps and hard efforts..

  • I understand that an endeavor such as this is driven by a desire to provide something useful for others. As one individual I can confirm that achievement. I am a retired boat captain, living on a sail boat currently in N. Carolina, U.S. I use the wind overly and wave height and direction overlay, and now the radar display on literally a daily basis. It is part of my morning routine; pour a cup of coffee, delete my spam mail, study the wind patterns. As your 2017 comment stated, last year during the storms that hammered the U.S. east and Gulf coasts I studied these overlays on nearly an hourly schedule to make decisions on what to do with my boat (my home) in preparation. Of all the available resources, Windy is by far the most useful in determining what may happen tomorrow with these storms. As a form of "insurance" towards the safety of my boat (my home) I would pay a monthly subscription for this service.

  • @ivo I would really like to pay for this app. I love it. I use it every day. I love to watch the wind patterns change. It is critical to my bicycling and kayaking. I live in Chicago where we have very changeable weather, especially on Lake Michigan. I also travel heavily as I am an Advertising Exec leading the analytics practice. Despite all the travel, I don’t love turbulence. I also work on the flight, but need it to be smooth to do so. Before and during every flight I triangulate the Wind and Radar data with Turbulence Forecast App Data l so I know when we might hit bumps. I will gladly pay $100 annually for this app. Let me know where I can donate.

  • @ivo said in About Windy:


    i used for hurricane maria was a great source of information i recommend to a version for windows 10 pc

  • buen día, es una excelente pagina, solo se manejar algunas cosas de ella y me gustaría aprender mas no se si tengan algunos tutoriales acerca de los modelos que me puedan ayudar. gracias

  • Banned

    This post is deleted!

  • Greetings to all. Ig Beltrán, from Mexico.

  • @ivo Congratulations! I use it as a complement for aviation wx briefing and is amazing. Thank You and greetings from México.
    Joel Orozco

  • Pilot

    @igorxxxmirror said in About Windy:

    What does height mean? Above sea level? My height is 157ft

    The "Height" word stands for the height above ground/terrain.
    The "Altitude" word stands for the height above mean sea level (MSL).
    "Elevation" word stands for (in aviation mainly) the height of an airport or station above MSL.
    "Flight Level - FL" word stands for (in aviation) the vertical altitude at standard pressure, nominally expressed in hundreds of feet. The standard pressure can be found in the ISA - International Standard Athmosphere conditions. This pressure is 1013,25 hPa or 29,92 inHg. An example: FL300 means 30.000 feet, it have to include always 3 characters, so in case of 9000 feet, it will be FL090.

    Anyway the pressure is decreasing with increasing altitude, so do the air density.
    Pilots must change their altimeter setting during the climb session from QNH (athmospheric pressure adjusted to mean sea level) to standard (1013,25 hPa or 29,92 inHg) at a given altitude, the so called "Transition Altitude", and backwards during the descent session they have to change the altimeter setting back to local QNH at an altitude so called "Transition Level".

  • ivo
    great project. if you are looking for further oomph around hosting contact me would love to help

  • @ivo How can we pay you for this excellent App?

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