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  • Ivo - would love to speak with you, could you pls email me rg@saltwater.com

  • Wind speed(m/s) appears whole number(5m/s).
    How can I change decimal point(5.8m/s).

  • Thank you very much for this helpful application, really I appreciate it's accuracy for the weather in Tunisia

  • My husband and I, Jeff and Kelly, are Addicted to Surfering from wind surfing to the body boarding. Kelly also loves to go yachting. We have found your app and it is a great app for all our needs on the Sunshine Coast, which is on the south east coast of Australia. We were just wanting to say well done as it suits all of needs and some. Finally someone got it right.
    Cheers Jeff and Kelly ๐Ÿ„๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Your app is excellent for planning my windsurfing sessions. Really like your email alerts too. Thank you and keep up the good work!

  • As part of the the application development, please add the possibility of publishing forecasts on social media (May contribute to further mediatization for the application and it's benifits).
    Thank you for your Efforts, keep going.

  • @ivo Hi I absolutely love this app itโ€™s so accurate my question is do you plan to add features like tides and forecast to Ireland.

  • Moderator

    @wexdeauville said in About Windy:

    @ivo Hi I absolutely love this app itโ€™s so accurate my question is do you plan to add features like tides and forecast to Ireland.

    Forecast to Ireland? Windy has worldwide coverage with ECMWF and GFS model.. So, Ireland is included...

  • Thank you for this agreat helpful application, and relly Hard working
    It's become one of my favorites site and I really appreciate its accuracy for the weather forecast

  • Hola que bien, saludos desde Brasil. Soy cubano pero vivo ahora en Brasil, soy apasionado por la meteorologia tropical y este aplicativo es fenomenal, es un inmenso placer poder contar con esta herramienta y por supuesto las mas sinceras felicitaciones. EXCELENTE APLICATIVO.....

  • It is a super app.....just love it

  • I am a science teacher in California. I have used your app for sometime and absolutely love it.

    Last night at the High School's football game I noticed a cell on your app with embedded lightning strikes. Since lightning is very rare here (southern California), most locals are not aware of the dangers of lightning. Using your app, I was able to confirm the path and velocity and informed the officials of the approaching storm. The stadium (about 1,000 people) was evacuated before the storm hit.

    Not only is your app the best I've ever i used, it is also a life saver. Thank you!!!

    P Horton
    Arcadia, CA, USA

  • Ivo, Thank you very much for this superb tool. I came across of it just now as the Spanish paper, El Paรญs, linked to your predictive graph to illustrate the arrival of the huge storm that is coming ashore to Med coast just now. Congratulations for your deed, and thanks again for offering it to the world. I have become one of your followers.

  • Windy is very accurate, and it helped me a lot during Willa hurricane, to be informed about it.
    Thank you.

  • Thank you Ivo, this website is amazing!


  • Hello Ivo. Justice is most important.
    This is the reputation of the company / site.
    Why do you admit no justice?
    Russia attacked Ukraine. Now there is a war, part of the Donetsk region and the Lugansk region and the half-Crimea are occupied.
    Why do you support the invaders ???

  • Administrator

    @variy Hi, Windy.com is not battlefield.
    Unfortunately people are regularly writing us that we are showing the map incorrectly from their political point of view. India vs Pakistan, India vs China, Russia vs Ukraine, China vs Vietnam, Greece vs FYROM.
    We are not able to create map for everyone. But if you really care about these map issues and want to do something for your country, become a contributor of osm.org. If you manage to change the map there, you will influence not only Windy, but many more services all around the World.

  • Thanks for this very usefull and ergonomic app!

  • The best meteorological site. Ever.

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