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    So gentleman (and women), you now have a definitive reply regarding the positions of both Windy as well as OpenStreetMap on this type of situation so I hope that this is the end of the matter on this forum.

    I understand that this remains a contentious issue from different perspectives, but Windy is primarily a weather site, so once again let's leave political topics out of the Windy forum please and focus on the discussion of weather.

    Windy also does not wish to be a battleground for these type of disputes.

    Further discussion of these type of issues should be directed to the OpenStreetMap Forum here: https://forum.openstreetmap.org/index.php > scroll down & select > users: (the relevant country for your dispute and/or question)

  • @ivo
    Хотел бы поблагодарить вас за прекрасное приложение! Но я указал место, которое меня интересует, и где точность вашего прогноза всегда низкая. Это предгорье. В этом месте часто более тепло, чем у вас указано. В этом месте в большом количестве растут такие деревья как инжир и гранат, но точность этой территории у вас температур низкая, и часто указано как холодное место.
    Если можно уделите этому предгорью более внимание, и сделайте прогноз для него более точным.
    Как видите, некоторые другие приложения показывают погоду в этом месте точнее, но сами приложения уступают вашему по реализации и качеству.
    Спасибо вам большое за работу!
    С уважением, Валерий.

    I would like to thank you for a wonderful app! But I have indicated a place that interests me, and where the accuracy of your forecast is always low. It's foothills. This place is often warmer than you indicated. In this place, a large number of trees grow such as figs and pomegranates, but the accuracy of this area you have a low temperature, and often indicated as a cold place.
    If you can pay more attention to this foothills, and make a forecast for it more accurate.
    As you can see, some other applications show the weather in this place more accurately, but the applications themselves are inferior to yours in implementation and quality.
    Thank you very much for your work!
    Sincerely, Valery.!

  • Hello! I'm Vladimir.
    Correct the name of the village, please. Russia, Khabarovsk Krai, village Бичевая (not Бич(ё)вая).
    Thanks.0_1544015384744_Not Бичёвая.jpg

  • Sailor

    Thank you for your post. Unfortunately the place names are not controlled by Windy.

    Please see the following posts about how the map data for Windy is sourced and displayed from www.openstreetmap.org:



    Please also note: For every language, a different place name label can be displayed, so please choose your correct language and data display.

    Further discussion of place name and language issues or disputes should be directed to the OpenStreetMap Forum here: https://forum.openstreetmap.org/index.php > scroll down & select > users: (the relevant country for your dispute and/or question)

    In the case of a political dispute please leave such topics out of the Windy forum and instead focus on the discussion of weather.

    Thank you :)

  • Hi. 3D model
    is still avaible?

  • I took my family on asauling yacht from Norway to the Carabean and back again. I used only Windy as my weather planning tool (apart from Atlantic crossing where Satelite phone transfers forced me to choose another supplier).

    Fantastic tool, also in remote Edge and 3G areas.

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    @starsone777 said in About Windy:

    Hi. 3D model
    is still avaible?


  • @tomber42 What caused it? thanks

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    @starsone777 use search function please

  • Hallo Ivo
    I have a SUNBEAM 44 sailingyacht und traveling in Croatien and happy About Windy.
    I have a Question: How can I delate incorrectly entered placec?

    Best regards

  • @ivo said in About Windy:

    good point

    good point

  • @LoranHayden said in About Windy:

    Excellent site. Loved clicking around and exploring what is there. Keep up the great work, folks.

  • ecellent


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