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    I can't recall ever seeing anything even remotely amazing as this app/site, I'm a huge fan, you guys did unbelievably amazing work here, genius masterpiece!

  • Hello all you wonderful people at "Windy"!
    I was introduced to your app. by a friend of mine on our very recent ( in last two weeks! ) 10 day sailing holiday down here in New Zealand.
    As most people of the globe will know we are pretty avid & capable sailors down here in N.Z.!
    I have, just today, been surfing around your application & discovered how brilliant it really is!
    It is exceptionally informative & has beautiful user interfaces....
    Just perfect, nice & simple & very very quick & no adds!!! 11/10 guys & girls - awesome work, long may it continue.
    I am an avid user of weather apps. & have a fairly broad understanding of the weather & recently stopped using a " significant " weather app ( on droid..) as it got "updated" & went all flashy & , - actually, - crashy!!! Out the door it went, not wasting my time on it anymore...!!!
    So a big thank you people all at Windy, i most definitely appreciate your daily efforts!!!

  • @voorPampus how did the trip go ??? THSI IS THE BEST SITE VEER ---SURFER

  • Excellent maps, very useful even if you are not looking at weather information, much better than Google maps!

  • @ivo Thank you so much. This is good application and very usefull.

  • Hi - what an amazing resource!

    I was directed to your site from a social media post about S02 emissions from specific places in china. The post was saying that the elevated levels of this specific emission might be down to them cremating bodies on a large scale due to the coronavirus!

    I am trying to verify this information. It seems very dubious at first - but I was able to see the very elevated levels concentrated on Wuhan. This entire area is supposed to be on lockdown so I wouldn't expect it to be general industry. Also, the levels are VERY elevated?

    As you don't have historical data available I cant see if this is anomalous or not. Maybe you could help me here by providing some historical data - say the last 12 months? (3 months?? if not maybe just 1 month?).

    Also, where do you get your raw data for S02 emissions? I am assuming it's from a satellite and through an API or similar?

    You can see from the image below that the levels are VERY elevated in 2 very specific locations. And Wuhan is supposed to be on full lockdown. So, at first glance, it does seem to point to something worrying. But I really want to know for sure.

    I really want to try to find out if this fake news or real news - thanks in advance.!S02_mass__20-16_10-02-2020_003.png

  • Thank you!!! Wonderfull! So informative, interesting and nice! It must be the mane one! I am from Saint-Petersburg

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  • 非常好!
    中國 北京

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    We are happy to hear this! :)

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    This post is deleted!

  • Good evening,

    Thanks for creating an account for voeapp@gmail.com on Windy.
    However, the dissemination of images from our webcam on Windy.com created us a huge problem.
    We did not make a request for this.
    This publication by default of our institution has already created a problem for us. It happens that our webpage and the installation of our webcam are sponsored. Each access counts for our sponsor. The image released by Windy.com removes all links from our sponsor. Which has already warned us that if it continues to be shown like this, it will cut off our sponsorship.

    Therefore, we request the immediate interruption of transmission by Windy, without displaying our webpage and the sponsor's brand.

    We await immediate action.


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    Hello, please reach us at info@windy.com and give us more details about the matter you are referring to.
    Thank you.

  • Helo @Korina,

    I trying to answer you but, the message "ERROR Post content was flagged as spam by Akismet.com" is showed.

  • Hello @Korina,

    This chat is thinking my message is a SPAM. Incredible!!!!!! OK!!!
    I send to email to info@windy.com. I hope you or someone can read and solve this complicated situation.

    Our best to you!

  • Hi Ivo, is there a way I can predict a cold front coming prediction via Windy? Thanks, Sotir

  • Sailor Moderator


    I used to display the Temperature layer at 850hPa altitude. It gives a rough idea of the position of fronts specially the cold fronts.


    If you look at the current weather map analysis you see the main cold fronts


    You see cold fronts in the Atlantic and one, but shown as a stationary front, from Greece to the Baltic Sea.

    You can imagine them with the Temperature layer at 850hPa


    It is more obvious if you consider the areas with a high temperature gradient (select temperature isolines instead of pressure isolines). Fronts stand where you find temperature isolines close together:


    I must say that it is easier to see where fronts stand in winter because the temperature contrasts are more important. In summer it is not so easy.

  • @idefix37 thanks a lot, that's helpful, appreciate it!!! Sotir

  • @sotirpopov Are those images showing warm and cold fronts you made, are from Windy? I can't figure out how to display them?

  • I think I started getting the idea - playing with isolines for pressure and temperatures, based on your images. Thanks a lot! Sotir

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