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  • Stumbled on this site looking for more up-to-date info on the 2017 USA Hurricane season and you have the best site I've seen yet!

  • The difference in forecast between your site and the TV news is noteworthy! i'll keep score and let you know how it works out!

  • I find utterly impressive this gorgeous website is still free and ad-free. How can be possible?

  • Moderator

    I think time will come where parts of data will be available only for paying users.. But hopefully this is far away @gutiserra

  • Very nice app! Just downloaded it yesterday. Seams very user friendly. Trying to load my picture so far has been unsuccessful. When I choose upload file the app closes. As a pilot and aircraft owner I look forward to learning more about this app, great job!

  • I am a sailplane pilot who lives in Virginia.
    Using Windy.com, I've been able to finally accomplish my 500 kilometer glider flight in early August. By using the wind directions and velocities on Windy, I was able to determine that my flight was able to use the ridges from Strasburg VA, all the way down to Glasgow Virginia, and back to finish my 501.6 kilometer flight. Thanks Windy! My favorite feature is the "Alert Me" feature. I've thought about writing such an application for a long time, and am happy that you did it first.
    My 500k flight: https://www.onlinecontest.org/olc-2.0/gliding/flightinfo.html?flightId=-1262081658

  • I write from Argentina, sorry but my english is too bad.

  • es un programa de EXCELENCIA , muchas gracias por su esfuerzo, recièn lo descubro y quedè maravillado. THANKS SOO MUCH

  • The most awesome wind map application! The one I go to everyday especially enjoy the different tabs for visibility and all.
    Thanks for your enthusiasm!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Found this awesome app/site right before Irma came into town. Couldn't take my eyes off the app. Any chance of getting notifications sent to a phone?

    Great job!

  • Administrator

    @pietbarber Hi, I am also a glider pilot. Congratulations to diamond distance! I am happy that Windy helped you!

  • Hello Ivo and all others of the Windy team!
    I am living in Puerto Rico since several years, and rely on your fabulous app for planning sailing trips, and anytime a storm is forecast to arrive near this enchanted island. Especially during hurricane season, the information provided is very helpful to be able to be prepared with the right mindset, provisions, and defensive measures. We use it on our mobile devices, and on our laptops. You guys are AWESOME!!!

  • Hey Ivo and Tomber, great website and apps - really good job. If there is cooperation possible, pls give me a notice. We operate www.chartercheck.com a online boat charter platform. Best Regards Martin

  • Nice app.

  • I am Rudolf and we sail every year 4-5 month off shore. Thank you for this site it is very helpful. I sent you an e-mail with very specific questions. Please have a look .
    Regards Rudolf

  • Thank you for developing Windy. We depended on it this summer to help predict wildfire behaviour in combination with VIIRS and MODIS infrared data, lightning monitors and satellite imagery. The Windy forecast models consistently aided in predicting firehead movement in evacuation areas. We sent data to people on the ground who confirmed wind models. I wanted you to be aware of the many of people in remote communities of BC Canada who came to know and rely on Windy through daily and sometimes hourly wildfire updates. Again, thank you.

  • I am looking for daily rain and cloud data that enable me to predicting when it rain and where it rain.
    best regards,

  • Awesome! By Far, the most accurated Forecast I've ever tried. ECMWF prooved to be magic, at least in my every day Spots. Thanks for your Commitment with this Project. Cheers, I am a Windsurf addict, Yachting regattas, Kite and powder snow too. I keep hours tracking storms, wind development, and trying to make my own Statistics between the forecast and the weather. Big fan of your App. Would Like to Contribute.

  • Good day,

    Does anyone know according to which categories (values) Windy scores the wind and wave data to color the predictions green, blue, orange or red in the forecast diagrams?


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