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  • The best weather app ever

  • @aa2019 செயர்க்கைக்கோல் வரைபடம் எமக்கு தெளிவாக இல்லை ஏன்

  • @NADHER weather bug

  • Best weather application ever! Could we expect one day a 3D global display such as in Google earth? Expect to see Antartic and Artic weathers in more realistic display.... what about ocean streams? Many thanks for your application!

  • Sailor

    Ocean streams are available on Windy, the layer is called Currents
    It is said that 3D could be available again next year.

  • i love windy

  • Wonderfully! Thank u!

  • Excellent, surely the best application of its kind.
    Programmers should be proud of this splendid work.
    Thank you!

  • @ivo Best weather app ever! I live in South Africa and your app is accurate and entertaining. Who needs games when you have Windy! Thanks guys, for all your efforts, brilliant.

  • Meteorologist

    Very good site for weather forcast. You are the best in the world.

  • Hi,
    I would like to know how receive alerts on my mobile phone?
    Thanks in advanced!
    Best Regards

  • Hi Ivo....

    I am enjoying your app on my laptop as I am sailing my sailboat from Virginia to the Bahamas. I have a few questions I haven't figured out the answers to yet. When I use the distance and planning, there doesn't seem to be a way to save the route that I make from #1 to #2, etc. Can you advise me about that please. Also, how do you get the app to find your location? I guess I don't have a gps on my Surface Pro.

    I love that you can see the Gulf stream as we need to locate it for our crossing to the Bahamas, but
    again I lose my numbered locations.

    Thank you for creating this awesome app!

    Debi I.

  • I can't recall ever seeing anything even remotely amazing as this app/site, I'm a huge fan, you guys did unbelievably amazing work here, genius masterpiece!

  • Hello all you wonderful people at "Windy"!
    I was introduced to your app. by a friend of mine on our very recent ( in last two weeks! ) 10 day sailing holiday down here in New Zealand.
    As most people of the globe will know we are pretty avid & capable sailors down here in N.Z.!
    I have, just today, been surfing around your application & discovered how brilliant it really is!
    It is exceptionally informative & has beautiful user interfaces....
    Just perfect, nice & simple & very very quick & no adds!!! 11/10 guys & girls - awesome work, long may it continue.
    I am an avid user of weather apps. & have a fairly broad understanding of the weather & recently stopped using a " significant " weather app ( on droid..) as it got "updated" & went all flashy & , - actually, - crashy!!! Out the door it went, not wasting my time on it anymore...!!!
    So a big thank you people all at Windy, i most definitely appreciate your daily efforts!!!

  • @voorPampus how did the trip go ??? THSI IS THE BEST SITE VEER ---SURFER

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