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  • I really like the new alerts for your own locations, It will be great if it was possible, allso being able to set the time off year, waterlevel, tide, watertempratur, this will be great for all fishermen, i have maybe, 10-12 lokations, where i know when its best to fish, but it allso depends of the year, so it lot off info to carry, it will be smart if you allso can change the setting after the season. This will forsure bring lot off new people to your site.

    Best regard Carsten Buus Hansen

  • Pilot

    Hi! Thank you for your feedback!
    Lets look at your suggestion in parts:

    1. parts of the year - you probably mean activating alert only for specific months - good point
    2. waterlevel - what do you mean by this?
    3. tide - we are planning to add tides to Windy, so if we make it, we can add it to Alerts afterwards.
    4. water temperature - good point, we will consider adding it to Alerts. As a fisherman, can you describe me the importance of water temperature for you? We are able to access and publish forecast of sea surface temperature in 3-hour intervals. Is it what you are looking for?

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