Interpolation at Different Altitude

  • Windy displays weather values at fixed altitudes, can the wind/temperatures/gusts values be interpolated for in-between altitudes? For eg, we can know the wind values at particular location at FL300 and FL340, can we use interpolation to calculate wind values at FL310,320 and 330?

  • @giganticvis
    I think "yes". Thats, also, the way models work!
    The "output" of this "manual" interpolation is very accurate for high altitudes (>FL100).
    At lower altitudes the situation is more complex due to landscape (geophysical turbulence).
    Actually the model outputs data at many levels (e.g. 137 levels for ECMWF) but the parameters (temp., wind etc) are given at certain pressure levels (e.g. 850hPa=FL050, 700hPa=FL100 etc).

  • @meteo-GR Which interpolation would give more accurate results? I mean linear, polynomial, spline interpolation or is any other type of interpolation is used specifically for weather?

  • @giganticvis
    I believe linear is OK, exept the levels around tropopause and jetstreams were there is a discontinuity in temp. and wind. For the height of tropopause and the location and height of jet streams you must consult a Significant Weather Chart

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