• "Distance and Planning" (D&P) is less useful than it could be. I use it to plan sailing races. It is better than nothing but has serious shortcommings which create a lot of work better done in software:

    1. There isn't access to wind direction and velocity along the track when in D&P mode,
    2. Opening a second instance to get wind vectors only works with two displays i.e. can't do with tablet.
    3. Integrating the information is made more difficult by the LAT & LON formats being different. The D&P uses fractional degrees and the wind mode uses degrees and fractional minutes. It is further complicated by many external tables using degrees, minutes and seconds.
    4. Allow user to choose angular formats.
    5. Allow wind information flags to be displayed in D&P" mode.
    6. Allow frozen wind information flags to include time in D&P mode.
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