• Hi

    I am a pilot using your site 2-4 times a week, the last seven days my account has not been working properly. I am using other peoples accounts and it works fine on multiple PC's. If I log into my account it is not working properly. I am unable to switch between Humidity, wind speed, temperature and all the others. It is always just stuck on wind speed. Please assist me as I really enjoy using your website. Many thanks for the wonderful service you are providing. Regards. Lorcan

  • Administrator

    @Lorcan Hmm we do not freeze any accounts. This must be some bug. Anyway using Facebook and Twitter account is no more possible. We could not integrate their API

  • Moderator

    I live mostly in the Mac world and you seem to be having an issue with a PC (Windows) but may I suggest you find and trash the setting/preference file/folder for Windy, if there is one, hidden deep somewhere in your computer. You may be able to find it in your browsers application support folder. Trash the preferences and start over. I have had similar things happen using my Mac especially with Firefox but with other software and find clearing out the old prefs/settings and starting over can do the trick.

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