Hate the new white menu bar on bottom of screen!

  • This is a perfect example of why I fear app updates... if the new version has a problem, there is no going back! Why did I update?!?!? I should have listened to the little voice telling me no... please give us the option of hiding the stupid white menu bar, it eats up screen space, is glaring, and generally horrible. I'll pay $ 50 for the previous vetsion... please send me the apk...

  • Nothing yet? Really really need to back out this change, bring back to three line menu option on the top right! Please. .. I'll pay for it...

  • Administrator

    A lo of our users had problem to navigate in the app. Menu is just 41px. Imagine the app wih advertisement instead of menu.

    We actually have to start collect money one day, but rather as a subscription.

  • @ivo I really hate to complain. But the menu is bugging me! Any way to get the apk for the previous version? It represents the zenith of Windy design... it was perfect.

  • Administrator

    @stevecrye WOW seems you are right. I am now preparing new version with bottom menu replaced and more space for map. Are you still here?

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