iOS app bug on iPad Pro 10.5"

  • Hi guys,

    Love the app and your amazing work. Since last nights update I cannot access meteograms anymore as the buttons don't work. There is a red bar bugged out in the bottom of my screen too. Hope you can fix it? I use the meteograms all the time. I can't attach a screenshot as this crashes the app instantly.

  • Send a screenshot pls

  • Thx will look at it. We detect it as desktop

  • @ivo thanks! I love the app but this causes me to use the browser until it's fixed. Thanks for the reply Ivo.

  • @ivo Re: iOS app bug on iPad Pro 10.5"

    I find that on the iPad Pro 10.5 when I start the app in landscape it only draws half the screen (or less - ss attached - correction - not attached see below) however - if I rotate it to portrait it redraws and then I can go back to landscape without issue.

    Note: when trying (several imtes now) to attached a screen shot it crashes the app when I select the screenshot.

  • @ivo

    I am having the same problem. Also using iPad Pro 10.5". Unable to compare forecast models as bottom tool bar is not present or working.

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