Lost the wind arrows

  • I have lost the wind arrows and don't know the command to get them back.

  • Same with me, clicking on the "wind"-button under "Animation" dose not help. ==> with Internet Explorer 11, Works fine on the android mobile...

  • I have the same issue since about 15.06.2017 and did not find a solution with the given setup options. I also recognized that now one of the Settings I can not modify was set to "Low Bandwidth". I am using Windy(ty) since last year for spotting best places for modelplane soaring and judge myself as being a mature user.
    Admins please comment / help.
    Kind regards,

  • Adding to my post the System in use:
    WIN 7-SP1, IE 11.0.42 64bit

  • ... windy.com works fine with the actual version of Firefox.

  • Moderator

    If you are using MS Edge or Internet Explorer, there are issues which cannot be solved by the programmers here. Use Chrome, Firefox or Safari when using Windows. Edge and IE will not work.

  • Some fix was implemented today, hope will help

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