At least make the new blinding white menu bar transparent

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    Why does it have to be opaque white? Just float the icons on the background screen.alt text

    Or, let me pay $100.00, in advance, for the previous version APK.

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    @stevecrye Is that so bad? I will pass it on.

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    @TomSlavkovsky Please understand I'm a loyal, long time user and supporter. I hate to complain about such a great app. But I'm also a designer, and the best thing about Windy is it never, until now, had menus that took up screen real estate. Even 48 pixels is too much, it's bad design. Used to be able to hit the 3-line menu, change models, then hit the x and have most of the screen back. Now hit the three dots on a new menu that offers no additional functionality, switch models, then alllll the way up to the upper left to dismiss settings. .. and horrible, unneeded white bar is still there glaring at me.

    I'll increase my offer for the APK of the previous version to $125, paid in advance via PayPal. I'm not wealthy, ithat is 10% of my weekly paycheck, but it would be worth it to me.


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