Search by Coordinates now assumes I want to look at land far away

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    Dear Windy,
    I frequently look up the weather for specific spots in the ocean (I am almost never interested in land-based weather). However, when I search by coordinates, it used to pop up with a "x.x x.x coordinates" option. Now it only gives you a nearby location option. In the example attached, I am trying to land on the specific spot of -21.392 114.07, but now windy only offers me the option to choose "Western Australia", and if I click it, I go to the center of the continent about 500nm away. Is it possible to restore the "search by coordinates" functionality? I also prefer the coordinates to be preserved when I add it to favorites, rather than taking a name from a nearby land location.


    I was hoping this would not be a big deal but I'm finding my capabilities completely neutered without being able to fly directly to the site I am interested in. Guessing and checking until I land on the correct model gridpoint is a clunky, inefficient solution.

    Additionally, it would be really handy if you could display the lat/lon of the mouse cursor somewhere on the map. I know I can add it to the info after I click, but I'd rather it display before I click (so I know where to click and don't have to guess-and-check) similar to google earth and other mapping platforms. Is there any plan to incorporate this function?

    Thank you for developing the best weather data visualization tool available now, I think Windy is the most amazing weather website every created.

    Thank you for your support!

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    Try to add semicolon inbetween coords. This assumes you search for ZIP code

  • Meteorologist | Premium

    Semicolon does not work, but a comma does now! Thanks!

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