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    When logged in on all platforms, why is there no synchronisation between iOS Apps and the website?

    The Favourites selected synchronise OK between iPad and iPhone, but do not appear on the website.

    A Favourite created on the website has not synchronised to iPad /iPhone

    A Spot I created on iPad is now impossible to delete. I can remove it but it is still there on the master list.

    I can see no comparable master list on the Windy website.

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    Hmm should work? Please try reload your browser. Make sure being logged in and try to "delete all browser data for Windy.com domain"

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    Ahhh I may have realised what has happened. There are two very similar Windy Apps in the Apple App Store one called Windy : NOAA and this one Windy, Windyty

    It is this one, Windy, Windyty that corresponds to the website on my PC. No wonder it wouldn't sync with Windy: NOAA

    Oh dear .....

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