• Hi,
    I've recently found this map and I think it's awesome. I currently work in a project integrating some of the variables that you are using but I'm working with the ESRI ArcGIS API 3.21, have you ever tried it? Nowadays we can integrate the wind parameter using the example provided in this repo
    * https://github.com/Esri/wind-js
    It's possible to achieve the same animations you're using in windy app using the ESRI API intead of Leaflet?

  • Great example, and very close to what we are trying to do. We're trying to find a way to embed the animations used by windy.com but with our own weather models in the backend ... also leveraging the Javascript for ArcGIS platform to make widgets/panels interact with each other.

    Can the following be done:

    • using the Javascript for ArcGIS as the primary platform, but including some visualisations from windy.tv ; and/or
    • connecting the windy.tv front end to our own back end weather data?
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