Range of SST

  • The highest Sea Surface Temperature at northwest Pacific on July 28 2017 etc. was more than 32 degree Celsius. It exceeded the color bar range 0-28 degree Celsius, thus the figure looks vague. Please expand the temperature range to present the SST data more clearly.
    It's a very good product. Excellent work.

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    You can customize the SST temperature ranges on Windy to suit your interest. Near the bottom of the settings, click the button Modify Layer Colors. A pull down menu will display. Just choose the SST layer which should look like:
    0_1501439830046_Screenshot 2017-07-30 11.36.46.PNG You can choose your preferred temperature ranges, add or remove ranges and select any color you want to assign to any range. I have tried changing many of the customizations and when I mess things up beyond repair, there is the Load Defaults button on the bottom. Enjoy.

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