WRF-ARW model....can you add it?

  • Hi, Gang! I'm a Meteorologist, and I've been viewing your site for about 1-2 months now. I'd really like to ask if you can present the WRF-ARW model in your model offerings. I currently come to view ECMWF model data, as it's hard to find anywhere, but so, too, is it difficult to find a zoom-in of the WRF-ARW model. This model, together with the ECMWF, are the 2 best weather forecasting models out there, when it comes to rainfall coverage, distributions, and deterministic output related to precipitation.

  • Moderator

    I want to add the following info:
    As mentioned here
    "The WRF system is available via free download ..."


    "NCEP provides a variety of regional (NAM) and global (GFS) data
    in GRIB format, and they can be used to initialize WRF in real-time."
    as mentioned here:

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