Issues with NAM Weather Forecast Model

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    I have noticed that the NAM weather forecast model seems to accurately display on the map overlays while showing incorrect information on the forecast section. As you can see in the attached screenshots, the speed and direction of the wind and gusts, the cloud cover, and the temperature shown on the forecast do not match up with what is shown on the corresponding map overlays. The overlays seem to be quite accurate, but the displayed forecast data at the bottom of the screen is wildly incorrect.0_1501853315202_wind2.png 0_1501853393491_temperature2.png 0_1501853438572_gusts2.png 0_1501853505731_clouds2.png

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    @jphart03 Fixed. Thank you for reporting the bug!

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    @TZ Thank you for the fast fix! I love using your site and your app. I own a skydiving center and recommend your site and app to all of our skydivers. Thanks for all of your awesome work!

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