• FIrst, this is a beautiful website- idea, design, execution. I use it for aviation weather planning. You guys are talented. I'm a longtime web/mobile developer, but can't touch this.

    Agree with your keeping the basic UI simple; there is a lot of stuff getting added, cool stuff (like comparing the models, this is just awesome), but please make sure it doesn't get bogged.

    Regarding a 3d mode: would be best as option or even separate. Have you considered using cesiumjs for your globe? They have done a lot of the hard work already, and some of the capabilities might open up new opportunities (e.g. doarama).

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    @RogerL Thanks for the compliments.

    About the 3D model - we are working on something new.
    Rather than CesiumJS we would prefer to use Melown.com open source solution - here is what they created with the ECMWF cloud layer: https://on.windy.com/melownpresentation

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