iPad version map overlays not working.

  • None of the overlays work on my iPad Air 2. I have the latest ios installed.
    The Windy version is 11.20
    Built 2017-07-23' 21:42

  • Same here. I have an iPad mini 2 running iOS 10.3.3 and the overlays are not working; the land and the sea are just grey. The "w" in the red icon at the top of the page just rotates and the three red vertical bars next to "Wind " on the right side are saving up and down. However if I chose a favourite location, the location is indicated on the map and the meteogram at the bottom of the page shows correctly. I have deleted the App twice and reinstalled it twice, but there has been no change to the app's performance.

    I have and iPad 3 (Retina) running iOS 9.3.5, and the App it's running fine.

  • Same problem. IPad mini 4, iOS 10.3. Latest Windy update killed usefulness of app

  • No active displays working on my iPad either. Very annoying

  • Same for me. grey useless on my iPad

  • Same here, iPad Air, grey and ugly. Come in guys this was the best weather app!

  • Global Moderator

    Thanks for reporting it, we know about the issue and we are trying to fix it. Please use the web browser version in the mean time.

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