The NEW (NAM 5km) forecast is bogus!

  • I hate to say it because I love all the innovation you work to bring to us. However, the "NEW" (NAM 5km) forecast is bogus with temps that are quite often way out of line with reality. I often check a forecast for a location to which I camp that is at 11,000 ft elevation. Normal temps this time of year range from low 40s F at night to high 60s F during the day. Quite often I see the (NAM 5km) report a full 30 degrees F higher than the other forecasts. 0_1502044581075_upload-db5501b5-54df-4f89-8662-ed990d958f20 None the less I am not complaining but rather just letting you know, although I'm sure you already do. Thank you for all you do.

  • Unfortunatelly, there are limitations for the weather models. One reason is the grid.
    As I see, the place you mention (Gilbert lake?) lays in a valley surrunded by high mountains (Gilbert Peak is only 2 milles away, but 2500 ft higher !).
    The models "feels" those two places as one and gives an average temperature.
    For model limitations (especially over mountainous regions), see section 2:

  • @wapitihunter Yes, it was a bug. Fixed now. Thank you for reporting!

  • @TZ Thank you so very much, You people are AWESOME as is the entire site!

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