Bug with Forecast Timeline

  • I noticed that when I mouse over the forecast timeline, the time that appears in red above the cursor does not match the actual time being moused over. It seems to be consistently off by +2 hours. However, when clicked, the correct time appears above the timeline in white. This can be seen in the screenshots below.0_1502507130399_11AM.jpg 0_1502507144976_9AM.jpg

  • I notice this has not been addressed. Just want to make sure it didn't slip under the radar, no pun intended. :)

  • Will look at it

  • You are tre the number is not exact

  • I'm having this exact issue right now, driving me nuts!
    Has it been fixed, is there a fix?

  • This is cosmetic, we are now finishing very important things. Are you able to live with that?

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