• Using IPAD Air latest IOS.
    The Windy web site works OK using Safari on the iPad.
    The App however does not display any data maps. The screen has just a grey image of the land mass and some place names.
    Anyone know what the issue might be?
    Cheers Peter

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    I believe that the Windy authors are aware of your's and other's issues with the current iOS app. I have no other specific information to say here other than I guess we should be patient. I have an iPad Pro and have the same issues. Lucky me though, I also have 2 computers to view the website.

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    @imwa Hi Peter, thanks for reporting it, we know about the problem with iPad, we working hard to resolve it. We will let you know when it will be ready.

  • I'm having the same problem on my Android 7.0 phone. The app is telling me there is no internet access, even though I can get on the website and it shows perfectly.
    Just another data point.

  • Administrator

    We are trying to find bug hard so far no success

  • Please keep looking - this app is great otherwise. My favourite! Your efforts are appreciated!

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