Testers wanted: Weather radar USA!

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    Thank you for the feedback so far ! The issue with darkening/missing of the last image is definitely the most noticeable (Not a feature, sorry @pwoods7 !) and bothers me the most. There is a problem with data synchronization and sometimes the last image gets lost. If you play around with the radar enough you'll see that the correct way for the animation to stop is to stay at the last image when finished for a few seconds, then cycle the whole animation again. You can even see the last image from the start as "greyed/dotted" area until the final image matches and covers it completely. If you are not sure what I mean, I highlighted the most noticeable areas in the following image:


    However if the last image is not loaded, you won't be able to see this dotted area at all :/. The occasional pulse (as @toddb mentioned) can happen as well. There are ~160 radar sites in the US and they all collect and upload their data in various time intervals. Sometimes data won't arrive before the image is created, sometimes site is offline, sometimes it's noise. There a lot of problems we have to look at when working on this and so many ways to solve them ! Not to mention space for improvements. Thank you again for your patience, we will keep working on this to make it picture perfect ! B)

  • @ivo I love this Weather Forcast model is a nice one and work very smoof on my Tablet good work i give you 100000 stars for this one.

  • Excellent. If not thought of already, give us a throttle to control the speed, (Safari works fine Peter o')


  • Your app has always been great, but this latest edition is truly appreciated and awesome, even in its early form. Have been using it extensively the last couple of days as we monitor Harvey here in Texas. Have found it to be pretty accurate and a good indicator on weather movement that has been very helpful. Greatly appreciate all the work that goes into tying all the pieces together to make something like this work, look good, and be very useful. When I have it up on my phone and show others the current weather I always get the question, "What app IS that?" I know many have downloaded it after seeing it. Keep up the great work, and thank you again for all the effort!
    San Antonio, TX

  • @paulkbiba If it doesn't work with Safari it doesn't work. Back to the Weather Channel.

  • Radar layer - VERY nice addition guys! Happy to see it! And the visual radar rendering is rich and smooth with a rich high-def look & feel to it.

    Few suggestions:
    The visualization of Harvey (Texas) is blinking off between cycles (confusing)... but the Florida (Invest 92L) storm radar display does not. Perhaps it is a visual data load issue in the browser.
    Would be cool if user can turn on/off the grey radar regional layer. Radar colorization tend to look better against a darker background.
    Adding longer loop cycles would be cool. Example from NexRad radar presentation out of
    DuPage's NextGen Weather Lab.
    Link Here:)
    Damn good work guys!

    One final note: I have been using your ECMWF 9km Forecast model to monitor storms coming into the Gulf this Hurricane season. Your visual models have been consistently right on impacted areas (100% on all storms). That is not the case with even official data.

    Damn good work guys! 😎

  • its working perfect i love it this is dewey ackerman in ROCKDALE TX

  • @ivo
    Mac 10.12.6 and Safari 10.1.2
    Will display after a delay if animation is on. Not useable at this point. Thanks for your effort so far.

  • Radar's what I've been waiting for!
    How far back time do you plan on letting us see?

  • Perfect, as simple as this. In future will it be possible to overlay couple of parameters at the same time. Dust, cloud and radar data for example.

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    @4kiting 24hrs

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    @acsaydam Why not

  • Fantastic addition! I take a look at this site daily and you folks are doing great work!
    I know it's still experimental and in the early stages - do you think you'll be looking into adding Canadian Radar data in the future? Again, great and wonderful work - keep it up! :D

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    @Wheats Is it free? Where is the source?

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    @Wheats Absolutely, we plan to cover as many countries as possible. @ivo If I remember correctly what @TomSlavkovsky
    said, Canada requires a huge fee to access their radar data (the same for many EU countries). USA have no competition when it comes to how they provide the data. Their data are freely available to public, easily accessible from a single and very reliable web service (Amazon S3) and are in the same format (NEXRAD) which make things waaaay simpler. That's why we decided to implement and release first version for USA and continue from there.

  • I love it, i would also like to see actual cloud coverage too, i am a pilot and use this for flight planning. You guys rock!!

  • Love it! Great addition. John

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    How to visualize the radar data? Is it the tilelayers. I just want to know technology. Thank. You.

  • The weather radar feature looks fantastic!
    Looking forward to it covering more countries in the future.
    (sent by a user sitting in the vast uncovered area)

  • Fantastic job. This is exactly what I've been looking for. Any way to slow the turtle speed down to half a turtle?
    Thanks for your work.

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