Testers wanted: Weather radar USA!

  • @ivo I see @dzuremar 's reply now.... I see, there are definitely some things the Canadian government can learn about sharing important weather data across the country, that's for sure....

  • LOVE it. Smooth flow, two hour segment.

  • Hello,

    First time poster here. I have always loved WindyTV for the wind forecasts, but mainly for the sheer power of the map and movement to track weather. However, this new Radar view is spectacular. I am testing it out on Irma now over Puerto Rico with the various time ranges and speeds, and I have to say that this might be the best radar, live motion I have ever seen.

    PLEASE add this to our menu views so we can see this view when needed. Thank you for the awesome programming!

    Everyone stay safe.

  • @ivo
    I just loaded your app suggested by my son in Australia. I am trying to track Irma as I live in Florida. How do I get the sound? I am having trouble navigating, any suggestions?

  • Developers

    @vernab Hello ! Unfortunately there is no sound representation of the data, or support for people with sight problems, only images and animations. I apologize if this is your case. If it's not, then to keep track of Irma I suggest two options:

    • watch the wind forecast layer (default view when you open the website, you can even see Irma's trajectory for the next few days, but keep in mind that the forecast is not 100% accurate)
    • watch the radar layer (currently you can see it near Puerto Rico :( ), these data are collected by radars (not forecasted) and are therefore very accurate. Unfortunately, we don't provide future radar predictions and we have limited coverage in the Carribean. Helpful folks post links to Carribean radar websites in other community posts, so make sure to check those as well ! (e.g. here and here.

    You can switch layers in the narrow right panel:

    The same is for apps, but you might have to tap on the white pin (with current layer's label in it) to display the layers panel:

    Stay safe !

  • Im having issues with the radar. It doesn't work.

  • Developers

    @antoin43 What kind of issues ? What exactly does not work ?

  • This is a fantastic feature! I love it. Would it be possible to add an additional option to pick a single radar station and only display the data from that one as opposed to the composite? There are times when I find that the single radar station nearest to me provides a more accurate representation of the situation than the composite radar image.

  • For your comparison a radar image by Weatherunderground any your new system.![1_1504830697735_Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 2.27.26 PM.png](Uploading 100%) ![0_1504830697735_Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 2.28.09 PM.png](Uploading 100%)

  • Awesome!
    Love the goat ! :)
    Can't wait to have it available on other places on the map !

  • Developers

    @gfroelich Thanks for the suggestion ! @ivo will definitely love your comment as it is something we discussed before many times (and he is usually the one pressing the feature into existence). There are many pros/cons in such approach. We are still considering it ;)

  • Nice. Would be great to extend this to include the Canadian radar network

  • @dzuremar Radar wont load. I keep tapping on the weather radar layer and even rebooting my pc and the radar still wont load

  • Developers

    @antoin43 Please post a screenshot of what you see after you tap the radar icon. However, I suspect your browser/PC might not support WebGL which is mandatory to display the feature.

  • this site is my new goto weather app, love the visualizations.

  • Simply awesome! I really like this feature.

  • It's great! For us birders (birdwatchers) raw NEXRAD data would be useful as it picks up on bird movements.

    Thanks for making a great wind forecast website!

  • Developers

    @oliverb Hello, no need to do that ! NOAA already publishes all their NEXRAD data for free on super reliable service -
    Amazon S3 (it's where we download the data too). If you can do a bit of shell scripting, then definitely start by reading this article to learn how to download the data. On the bottom of the article there are great tutorials, but the most helpful (at least for me when I was starting with this) was this one. Also, in order to process/view NEXRAD data, NOAA's tools will definitely come in handy. You can find libraries for python as well. Feel free to ask for more details. Have fun !

  • Moderator

    Great feature, I think the scale should be labeled with rain intensity, not dbz, because most people didn't know what dbz means

  • @ivo Actually the speed of that turttle is pretty amazing too......but still nothing compared to your goat of cause

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