Expertise an forest fire

  • Hi,
    I'm work in a brazilian government institutition called ICMBio ( and I'm doing an expert on criminal forest fire. There was a huge forest fire and near 5000 ha was burned and we're investigating who cause this fire. I need the data between august 03-18, 2017 in Floresta Nacional do Jamanxim. I saw in the limit that protect area and this forest fire occoured inside.
    I really gratefull right now.

  • @cesarchirosa Hi! Generally, we do not provide historical data now, but if it is vital for your investigation, maybe we can do something for you. What kind of data do you need?

  • Hi.
    I need the direction of the wind between august, 03 - 13, 2017., in the south part of Floresta Nacional Jamanxim, near Novo Progresso and Castelo dos Sonhos.
    Maybe, a GIF with the wind evolution between those days. Or some data about direction and velocity of the wind.
    In a field, I found several indicators of the fire's origin. I believe that the fire "run" from south to north and the datas could be too value to prove this hypothesis.

    ![0_1504147588408_upload-4f229140-6872-493f-b435-1219ff29eee6](Uploading 100%)

  • ![0_1504364563974_upload-cfe1f683-9b1e-4587-8c43-e4bbd2d1d107](Uploading 100%)

    This map show the hot spot (I don't know the english term to "focos de calor") in august 2017.

  • Hi TZ, good night!
    Unfortunatly my deadline to finish my report are coming. I have to finish before 14 september.
    Have you some data to share? I really would appreciate the weight that wind data could to give to conclusions.
    Tks again.

  • @cesarchirosa Hi!
    Sorry for delay we had a lot of work during hurricanes Harvey and Irma.
    I have archive wind data from ECMWF for 3-13 august 2017. It is analysis of the wind field (not forecast, but interpolated measurements). Time step between data points is 6hour. (i.e. times are 00UTC, 06UTC, 12UTC, 18UTC)
    Unfortunatelly Windy is not capable to visualize it, so I created an animation for you using NASA Panoply software. Here is link to download it:
    In the animation you can see colored rectangle with wind speed arrows.
    Rectangle extents are: Latitude north -6, Longitude west -57, Latitude south -9, Longitude east -55
    Let me know if you need georeferenced data file (I can send it to you in NetCDF format).
    Also please let us know how the investigation continues and if this information was helpful for you.

  • Oh yes, please send me the georeferenced data file. Sure will be helpful.
    Looking quickly de animation, the first days corroborated with our conclusions about the dynamics of fire. That's great!
    I just wanna understand the colour scale from the blue to red. Is it means the velocity of the wind, from slow to fast?
    About the investigation, I'll finish my report and send to protection office near the Floresta Nacional do Jamanxin and they will apply fines to responsables. Despite all our efforts, the deforestation of Amazon continue, less than last decade but follow.

  • @cesarchirosa Hi, here is the link to georeferenced NetCDF file. It covers the same area as the animation (the animation was created from this file).
    The color scale of the animation is described in the bottom part. In the online viewer it is probably covered by controls of the player, but if you download the animation and play it in some other video player, you should see the color legend.
    The description of the legend is a bit mathematic mess (filled by the Panoply software), but it exactly means wind speed in meters per second.
    We would be happy if this information is useful for your work and can help you to protect Amazon rainforest!

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