• first,you know,we can't get good weather forecast in china,cause all the apps and company jutst think how to put more and more ads in their products,not to creat userfriendly services,so,all the people have to use those shit,that's so ⋯⋯you know ⋯⋯i even don't know how to explain the strange thing⋯⋯

    and thank you and your team's work,i can't speak good english,i just want donate for you,please tell me how

    you app and website are AMAZING!!!

    中国国内的天气软件还有其他众多软件及互联网产品都他妈是一坨狗屎,他妈的老子今天下午被优酷(it's like china's youtube)折腾了一个下午,操他妈比老子就没用过这么垃圾的视频站点(as a video site,even now they still use Flash and haven't thought about turning to HTML5 at all ,so i say it's a shit ),网络确实让我们的生活更美好,希望你们的也能收获你们所期望的种种,谢谢你们。

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