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    I was just searching around Amazon Web Services for some weather data that might be interesting to add to this site and I came up with two results that I wasn't sure if the developers were aware of them.

    The first one I found was MOGREPS weather model data from Met Office. Both the global and UK versions are available to use.

    The second one I found was HIRLAM weather model data for Europe.

    Both appear to be free apart from the Amazon Web Services subscription and I think they both would be very cool additions to this site in a later date.

  • @TheRadarGuy
    Is it possible to visualize those models using zyGrib software?

  • @TheRadarGuy WOW thanks for tips

  • @TheRadarGuy
    I'm trying to open these grib2 files (for HIRLAM) using zyGrib software,
    but it stops when 67% of the 357 MB file is loaded !
    Any idea ?

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    @meteo-GR @ivo
    My apologies. I am by no means an expert in data visualization. Is it still not working? If it is still not working I might have an alternative.
    The GDPS 25 km model from Environment Canada might be a nice addition to the site in the near future especially with winter coming up in the northern hemisphere. I have mentioned adding models from Environment Canada before, but I don't think I was clear exactly which model you should have used. The link will take you to the exact model I had in mind, the global 25 km model. (GEM 25) And then if you go back to the main directory, ( there is plenty of other data you could use including the regional model, (model_gem_regional) and the high-resolution model, (model_hrdps).
    All data is in grib2 format. Hopes this helps.

    Or instead of the GDPS model from Canada, how about the global ICON model from Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD)? Just earlier today I finally found the links to the DWD data directory. It's not only the ICON model in there. The Europe ICON model, radar, and climate info are also in the link. The only trouble is I have no idea what format the data comes in. Hopefully, you can still use it.

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