• I just created an account on, about 30 minutes ago. I used my password manager to create the password but for some reason the PW manager did not save or the password (this is a first). Is there some way to discover my password or to change my password w/o knowing the original PW? Or alternately, can I delete this account and re-establish it using the same email address? Thanks - D Rosa.

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    • Reset PW without knowing original - yep, easily. Start here and you'll be fine in a few steps (access to your registration email is mandatory).
    • Discover current password - yes, but only in case browser saved your password (That is, when you open login form, browser will fill your username/email and your password field with couple of asterisks like this: 0_1504519432230_scPW.png ). To replace those asterisks with actual PW, you'll have to tinker around with your browser's dev tools (e.g. Inspect in Chrome). Post another reply if you want to go this way. However, I seriously do recommend you to reset the password as mentioned in the first step.

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