Why is Irmsa's wind speed so much lower than reported amount?

  • While it was asked, an answer was not provided. Why is the wind speed for Irma in Windy so much lower than what has been reported?
    I must say, there was an answer regarding what the wind graphic means. Turns out first number = Direction in degrees. Second number = Wind Speed. It is that second number that seems to be well off reported values.

  • @kojaks43 There's a main speed on hurricane, which is the most important and that's the speed of the eye's walls, they are the most important because they are the strongest and most destructive, the borders of the hurricane have a slower wind speed but can still been hazardous and can even create tornados.

  • There is an answer in the FAQ: https://community.windy.com/topic/4415/why-is-wind-speed-in-hurricanes-so-wrong

    Answer: Windy displays ECMWF or GFS global forecast model. Neither of them is capable to predict exact peak values.

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