Cuban Radars

  • Hi:

    First of all I want to tell how awesome is your app, is the best comprehensive weather info one could hope to find; at least in a user friendly interface and lot of info in one place. You have my all my thanks for that.

    But I want to make some suggestions. The Cuban Meteorology Institute has covered most of the Caribbean with meteorological radars and I see that you have only included the US and Puerto Rico radars. It would be good if you could talk with the institute of Cuba to add their radars to the ones you already have. Cause all the radars in Cuba are digital and are transmitted via the internet to their website and in particular for explample so I think is easy to include to the one you already. That would be a great add to Windy.

    Also they offer some other info that maybe you would like to include and also have cameras to show the actual weather as it happen.

    Best Regards Adrian

    PD: If you have any question or need any help with that, please ask me I would gladly help you with the coordinations or translating to english or warever you need. this is my personal mail

  • Administrator

    @DartShinigami Thank you very much! We will investigate the situation around data availability and possibly contact you if you are able to help us in some way. If you already know more about licencing or data publication, please write it to this forum.

  • The data is free to obtain is a govern institution. So there isn't any problem, you just have to write them with the question on how to use their data. Also cuba is part of the World Meteorological Organization so they share all the data they have for example with NOAA so I think you just have to ask. Nevertheless I'm writing to them now to see what they answer. But is more likely to get a response if you write as Windy.

    Also for your info, in Cuba everybody is using Windy so it would be a nice add to have all the info that ISMET(Cuban Meteorological Institute) could provide.

    Best Regards

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